Experience genre for Hostel escape roomSuper Horror
Number of players for Hostel escape room3 - 8 players
Average game duration for Hostel escape room60 minutes
Suggested minimum age for Hostel escape roomAge +16
Experience price starting from € 60,00
Available in Italian
Hostel Horror

During a holiday in Europe you and your friends stop near Bratislava. You decide to spend the evening in one of the most renowned clubs in the area but during the night something goes wrong: the view becomes foggy and the memories become faded. You wake up in an old abandoned factory … the walls exude pain and anguish and the smell of blood disgusts you. Will you be able to escape before your sadistic torturer comes to torture you?

An immersive experience without precedent

Strong impact scenography

Surviving will be your only goal

Adrenaline level

Live your experience!

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