Experience genre for Hidden Island – Episode I escape roomAdventure
Number of players for Hidden Island – Episode I escape room2 - 6 players
Average game duration for Hidden Island – Episode I escape room60 minutes
Suggested minimum age for Hidden Island – Episode I escape roomAge +6
Adventure price starting from € 80,00
Available in Italian, English
Hidden Island – Episode I Adventure

Professor Marcus Brody Jr. needs your help with a very delicate mission: To prevent a group of mercenaries, hired by the Russian tycoon and insatiable art collector, Ivan Medovsky, from taking possession of the hidden treasures on Bermeja Island.

The problem, however, is that Bermeja is a ghost island but, from the information in our possession, it seems that Medovsky has learned of the exact location.

The mission is of extreme importance because it is said that the god of death Ah Puch was imprisoned in the subsoil of the island and that his awakening would trigger the Apocalypse.

In this first episode, you and your team will have to infiltrate the mexican tourist agency Yucatàn Tours, find the map with the coordinates and steal a plane in order to reach it …

Try the experience that revolutionized the world of Escape Rooms

Realistic and impactful set design

Twists and special effects that give moments of pure emotion

Adventure level

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